76@HOME showcases a selection of 76 LTD Directors and Photographers who have studio facilities at their homes. 

Their home studios enable them to create broadcast quality moving media and/or professional format stills, adhering to the current government guidelines for working safely during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Yann’s Black Cherry Films Studio is a specialist table top and SFX Studio based at Yann’s home in Yorkshire. The majority of work that Yann produces out of BCF Studio is achieved with just him and one other person; producing a range of work from stunning high speed (2,000 fps) moving images to beautiful macro stills, whether they be for testing purposes, proof of concept or full broadcast quality films.

Nicki is a highly experienced photographer who, working alongside her partner Fergal (one of the UK’s leading Food Stylists), produces world class food imagery in their fully equipped home studio.

Kulbir's work is primarily studio based. His own professional studio (Shad Thames Studio) is fully equipped to enable him to work entirely on his own if need be.

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