“From little acorns mighty oak trees grow” – a saying perfectly demonstrated in Andy Lambert's great new spot for MasterCard Contactless. But instead of acorns, how about goalkeeping gloves? 

In a neighbourhood five-a-side game on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur the goalie is almost nodding off when he suddenly notices the ball hurtling towards him! His instinctive, spectacular, and somewhat quirky save goes viral and catapults him up the ranks of the football world all the way to the European Champions League. It’s beautifully shot with the distinctive craftsmanship and storytelling charm we’ve come to expect from Andy. 

Andy says: 

“This MasterCard Contactless ad taps into the way small things can spark a fantasy of big things happening. I wanted to capture that fleeting, epic flash that can occur in the most prosaic of moments. It was great fun filming the escalating daydream….But it’s a shame life never seems to work out quite like that!” 

Client: Mastercard
Agency: TBWA Singapore
Creative Director: Hagan de Villiers

Director: Andy Lambert 
Executive Producer: Haydn Evans @ Six Toes
Director of Photography: Oliver Curtis BSC
Editor: Johnny Chuah 
Colourist: Felipe Szulc @ Absolute Post
Post Production: Mark Doney
Sound mix: Ollie Usher @ Scramble
Featuring Phan Pagniez as 'The Goalkeeper'

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